Scholars Academy

Advancing the Minds of Individual Students (AIMS)

Fine Arts Programs
The Scholars Academy was created in 2006 and is a 6-12 "school within a school" program. This program offers advanced content in every subject area including Advanced Placement courses.

Similar Scholars Academy the AIMS program was created in 2014. AIMS offers a blended learning environment for students in grades 6-8 to take advanced courses based on their strengths and interest. The Thomasville City Schools is dedicated to offering a high quality fine arts education. Through a partnership between the Thomasville Center of the Arts, the District is able to offer a high level of Fine Arts education which includes drama, visual arts, strings, and drama for K-12. 

Advanced Content Curriculum


CITY Virtual
The Advanced Content Curriculum Program was created in 2015 and is designed much like the AIMS program. The ACC provides a blended learning environment for students to take both Scholars Academy courses and Advanced courses at Thomasville High School  Thomasville High School offers many different career pathways that provide all students the opportunity to gain work ready skills. These skills are extremely important for all students whether they are college or career bound after graduation.  The CITY Program is an innovative, non-traditional learning experience available starting in 6th thru 12th Grade. It is all about how students learn best. This program has two options available for students: Full Virtual and Hybrid.
Through online, interactive computer lessons facilitated by a certified teacher, students are able to complete courses at their own pace.