Greetings Jerger Families,

Welcome to E.R. Jerger Elementary School! Our school offers children and their families the opportunity to remain at one school from Pre K through 5th grade. This longevity allows parents to establish a nurturing and lasting relationship with their child's administrators, teachers, and staff. Fewer transitions between schools reduce stress and improve student success. During these early years, we provide age appropriate play areas, small class sizes, and enriched learning.

E. R. Jerger Elementary School is a learning-focused school. Emphasis is placed on best practices which include the use of graphic organizers, advanced organizers, cooperative learning, summarizing, note taking, practice and homework. Our classroom lessons are designed to meet, extend and enhance the new Common Core Georgia Performance Standards at each grade level.

Our students are involved in problem solving, critical thinking, and creating independent products which demonstrate mastery of the concepts. We are also dedicated to cultivating skilled scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians who will become tomorrow's leaders.

All Thomasville City Schools are accredited by both the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Georgia Accrediting Commission.

Mrs. Lawana S. Rayburn, Principal