Katie McCloud
Instructional Coach
Neal Ford
Instructional Coach
What is the Role of the Instructional Coach?

The role of the coach is to support the principal’s work to align staff development with school goals and improve instruction in every classroom:

  1. Develop positive and supportive relationships with classroom teachers, administrators, and staff.
  2. Help classroom teachers address learning challenges in individual classrooms through modeling, co-teaching, providing feedback, and facilitating grade-level or department teams.
  3. Increase collaboration through quarterly meetings with coaching coordinator and principal to monitor progress of coaching plan and modify it as necessary.
  4. Monitor and evaluate assessment data to determine improvements in instructional practice and student achievement.
  5. Support classroom teachers in long- and short-range planning (co-planning) for increased student achievement.
  6. Develop each teacher’s capacity to serve as a model of high-quality instruction.
  7. Provide training to increase high-quality classroom instruction and appropriate use of support staff (e.g. training paraprofessionals, pre-AP support, RTI, etc.).
  8. Fulfill identified responsibilities of teacher induction program, while building capacity of a team to support new teachers.