Coach Murray

Coach Murray

I was born and raised in Rye, NY and received my Bachelor of Science degree from Springfield College in Springfield, Mass. I have over 25 years of experience teaching and coaching, a majority of it here in Thomasville, GA.

Coach O'Quinn

Coach O'Quinn

My name is Ron O'Quinn. I have been teaching for 25 years, 18 of those were in Florida and 7 here in Georgia. I have been at Jerger for 6 years and teach Physical Education. I am currently the Head Softball coach for Thomasville High School. I have two boys, Chapman and Daughtrey. In my spare time I enjoy anything outdoors and working on my Jeep. Feel free to contact me at: or 225-2625


First Week-Procedures-Rules-Expectations
Weeks Two-Three-Fitness
Every Friday in the gym is Spirit Day-Students in all grades are encouraged to wear a Jerger Shirt or Thomasville City Shirt to support all of our Sports and Extracurricular Activities going on at all schools
21st and 22nd - Fitnessgram Testing 4th-5th grade
14th - Boosterthon Fun Run Day

28th - Field Day (Am) = PreK - 2nd

29th - Field Day (AM) = 3rd - 5th 


  • Our first week of school we will be going over Rules/Procedures and Expectations in the gym and Outside Stations

  • Please look over your child's PE schedule and make sure they have the appropriate Clothing and shoes on their PE days

Due to the heat in August classes will be inside for PE. On rainy days we will combine classes inside for various activitiesEXPECTATIONS

Your student participates in Physical Education (approximately) 20 times in a 9 week grading period. They are being graded on a point system. Each class period they have the opportunity to accumulate 5 points based on:

  • Participation-if your child does not have the proper shoes they are not participating at all and receive zero points for that day.

  • Work ethic-is your student working hard in PE or just going through the motions?

  • Co-operation-is your student doing as they have been asked?

  • Sportsmanship/Attitude-is your child being nice to his/her teammates, opponents and officials


  • Appropriate PE shoes are as follows: Lace up tennis shoes, or tennis shoes that have a Velcro strap. Correct tennis shoes are for the safety of each child


5th grade-8:15-9:00
4th grade-9:05-9:50
3rd grade-10:00-10:45
2nd grade-10:55-11:40
1st grade-12:25-1:10



Coach Murray's Units for Physical Education K-5

3rd-5th Grade

Unit 1 Team Handball

Unit 2 Floor Hockey

Unit 3 Soccer

Unit 4 Volleyball

Unit 5 Fitness


Unit 1 Locomotor Skills

Unit 2 Parachute Activities

Unit 3 Rolling

Unit 4 Striking

Unit 5 Jump Ropes

Games of Low Organization

Coach O'Quinn's Units for Physical Education K-5

3rd-5th Grade

Unit 1 Football Skills

Unit 2 Frisbee

Unit 3 Basketball

Unit 4 Kickball

Unit 5 Softball


Unit 1 Locomotor Skills

Unit 2 Scooter Safety

Unit 3 Catching/Throwing

Unit 4 Striking

Unit 5 Jump Ropes